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Mushroom Marvel™ Superfood Mix
Mushroom Marvel™ Superfood Mix
Mushroom Marvel™ Superfood Mix
Mushroom Marvel™ Superfood Mix

Mushroom Marvel™ Superfood Mix

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A chocolatey, adaptogenic blend to energize from within! Naturally improve mood, refill energy reserves, and stay focused and grounded all day long, without caffeine.

Lion’s mane mushrooms help cognition and focus while reishi mushrooms and cacao boost immunity and fortify the body’s natural defenses. Cordyceps, ashwagandha and beets are shown to alleviate inflammation*, improve blood circulation and boost mental and physical performance.

Connect to your highest self and conquer each day like a yogi!

Directions: Blend, froth or stir 1 teaspoon in 8oz milk, water, tea or coffee. Also delicious in smoothies, shakes, yogurt and oatmeal.

Sample - Makes 4 cups

1.15 oz Bag - Makes 20 cups

8 oz Refill - $25 saving!


Organic lion’s mane mushrooms, organic reishi mushrooms, organic cordyceps mushrooms, organic ashwagandha, organic cacao, organic beetroot.

Proudly hand-blended in Houston, TX

Certified Organic – Vegan – Dairy Free – Gluten Free

No added flavors, preservatives or sweeteners

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Judie Brown

I just love mixing all kinds of things together that are good for me and that taste good and that’s what the mushroom marvel does for me

Quinn da Matta

I really love this! The taste took me a while to get used to, but that was also the thing that reassured me--it was all natural (they didn't add any chemicals or artificial flavors. It is literally what it says it is. Love it!

You made our day, thank you!! We take great pride in crafting blends using ingredients that are nourishing and revitalizing. Nature gives us such beauty :)

Annette Nino

Love this! Great with my coffee or my smoothies! I love all of your products! Really good feeling throughout the day and my body.

Awww so thrilled to hear you're enjoying Mushroom Marvel, and grateful for all your support. Thank you so much!


I mixed Mushroom Marvel with Protein Powder and made a protein shake with both of these items, non-dairy milk and a bit of honey and went out to work in the yard. I worked for 8 hours which was unusual for me to be doing physical labor all day. AND... I was not sore the next day! Awesome!

Madalyn Kercher
Surprised healing!

I've been recently diagnosed with Ménière's Diseases as well as POTS. I struggled with the side effects of these diseases for years with no relief. I was shocked to discover that I was symptom free the first day of sampling this drink. I tried it on a whim just to experience its flavor, and I noticed the impact immediately. It's been nearly a month now, I've had it every single morning, and I've been symptom free this whole month! Nothing else has changed in my life/lifestyle. I've now gotten several of my friends and relatives to try it for themselves.
I've really enjoyed it hot with a scoop of Hot Honey.

Madalyn, we're so grateful to hear Mushroom Marvel has helped you so much. We are always amazed by the healing qualities of organic herbs and functional mushrooms, and feel honored to be able to share these remedies with others. Thank you so much!

Wonderful in Coffee!

So good in coffee I haven’t tried it with anything else yet! Haha.
Really good stuff! Thank you ladies!