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Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™
Beetroot Cacao Latte™

Beetroot Cacao Latte™

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A rich, rejuvenating and chocolatey blend with adaptogens for stamina, clarity and focus. Organic beetroot and raw cacao boost energy, improve blood circulation, and promote brain health. Adaptogens chaga mushrooms and triphala elevate mood, increase immunity, and promote gut health. Sweet cinnamon and delicious cardamom soothe the digestive process, and help regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

Energizing, uplifting and a delicious treat to stabilize the mind and body! 

Preparation is simple – just blend, froth or stir 1 teaspoon in hot milk of choice or add to coffee for an exotic mocha flavor. Can also be enjoyed in smoothies or oatmeal.

Sample - Makes 4 cups

2.6 oz Glass Jar - Makes 45 cups

8 oz Refill - $16 saving!

16 oz Refill - $38 saving! 

Ingredients: Organic raw cacao, organic beetroot, organic cinnamon, organic chaga mushrooms, organic triphala, organic cardamom

Proudly hand-blended in Houston, TX

Organic – Vegan – Dairy Free – Gluten Free

No added flavors, preservatives or sweeteners

100% natural and plant-based!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Judie Brown
Beet root Cacao

I decided to make it cold so I put the milk in with the beetroot kayo and frosthed and then put it over ice and put in some liquid chocolate Stevia. I loved it that way.

Kathy Haycraft

Gives me so much energy and focus!

Thanks so much! We're thrilled to hear Beetroot Cacao is bringing you energy and focus. We strive to make superfoods that support a healthy lifestyle, and hearing your praise just made our day :)

Beetroot Cacao latte

I have recently incorporated this into my morning routine in my coffee. I love it! It blends nicely and has a wonderful flavor. Will definitely keep this in my morning routine.

Awww thank you Lisa! Your praise and continued support has meant so much to us, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Brandy Pennington
Beetroot cacao Latte

I enjoy having this in my coffee every morning. Thank you for the great tasting addition.

So happy to hear this. Thanks for the taking the time to let us know; means so much!

Love it!

My husband & I love the Beetroot Cacao in our morning coffee. I shared some with my daughter, and she enjoyed it in milk as a nourishing cocoa. Wonderful product with quality ingredients. I have enjoyed all the products I have purchased from Neelam & Rubina!

Awww thank you so much Rose! Your support of our products and our business means so much to us. Sending gratitude and love :)

Carissa Wolkiewicz

This blend is one of the most nourishing that I've had. I picked it up at a local market when I was visiting Houston. I couldn't find anything like it for months, so I ended up ordering it again online. It was just as good as I remembered and is the only one I will buy now!

Thanks Carissa. Hope you're still enjoying every sip! Your praise means so much to us :)