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Matcha Chai Latte™
Matcha Chai Latte™
Matcha Chai Latte™
Matcha Chai Latte™
Matcha Chai Latte™
Matcha Chai Latte™

Matcha Chai Latte™

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A morning or afternoon delight to invite clarity, focus and zen-like energy to your day!

Matcha Chai Latte is an invigorating, brain-boosting blend with adaptogens and superfoods for sustained energy and long-lasting focus. Organic, ceremonial grade Japanese matcha contains natural, slow-release caffeine (unlike coffee) to offer a grounded, steady energy for hours!

Adaptogens ashwagandha and moringa elevate mood and help reduce the effects of anxiety. Star anise, cardamom and cinnamon are loaded with antioxidants, and ginger and allspice provide anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.

Preparation is simple – just blend, froth or stir 1 teaspoon in 8 oz hot water or milk of your choice. Also delicious in smoothies, yogurt, oatmeal or milkshakes.

Sample -Makes 4 cups

1.35 oz - Makes 20 cups

8 oz refill - $28 saving!

Ingredients: Organic Japanese Matcha (ceremonial grade), organic ashwagandha, cinnamon, organic moringa, organic cardamom, organic allspice, ginger, organic star anise

Proudly hand-blended in Houston, TX

Vegan – Dairy Free – Gluten Free

No added sweeteners, flavors, preservatives. 

100% natural and plant-based

Store in a cool, dark place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Anastasiia Cox

Amazing tea with a rich aroma of spices! With oat milk, makes perfect matcha chai latte 🍵💚

Your praise means so much to us, Anastasiia! Thanks for giving our Match Chai such love :)

Don't Forget About this Treat!

I had this tea put away and found it this week and have not left home without it! Love, Love, Love IT! Flavors so delightful to my senses.

Awww your praise means so much to us, thank you!!

Eryn Wrobleske

delicious! always a treat to drink

That means so much to us, thank you!!

Very smooth - great blendability!

This matcha has a great flavor (not overpowering like most) and I love the blendability of the powder! Easily mixes with warm almond milk!

So happy to hear, thanks so much Jennifer for the praise. Means a lot :)

Stephanie Lomeli
Best of both

I love both matcha & chai and this is the perfect blend. The best part is the quality ingredients that are used. I’ve enjoyed it as a latte in my homemade nut milk. I can’t wait to try it in a smoothie or oatmeal.

We cannot express how much your praise means to us! And we bet it tastes super delicious in homemade nut milk, thank you so much :)

Vanessa Smith
An Afternoon Treat!

I'm hooked on this - it is my go-to in the afternoon when I need a pick-me-up. It really helps me stay focused & in a good mood!

This blend is our go-to for focus and happiness :) So grateful to hear you're enjoying it as we do!